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Directory Of Government Officials And Agencies (Judiciary Branch)

District Court (federal)
Website: http://www.vid/
District of St. Croix—340-718-1130, Fax: 340-718-1563
District Judge— Raymond L. Finch, Tel: 340-718-5021, Fax: 340-718-2114
Magistrate Judge—George W. Gannon, Tel: 340-718-1601, Fax:340-718-5416
District of St. Thomas/St. John—340-774-0640, Fax: 340:774-1293
Chief Judge—Curtis V. Gomez, Tel: 340-774-1800, Fax: 340-777-8532
Magistrate Judge— Ruth Miller, Tel: 340-774-5480, Fax: 340-777-8119
Bankruptcy Division—Phone 340-774-8310 – Fax: 340-776-5615

Superior Court of the Virgin Islands
Presiding Senior Sitting Judge— Darryl Dean Donohue
Division of St. Croix—Tel: 340-778-9750, Fax: 340-778-4044
Clerk of the Court – Iris D. Cintron, Tel: 340-778-9750, ext. 6609, Fax: 340- 778-4044, email:
Judge— Patricia D. Steele
Judge– Julio A. Brady
Judge– Harold W.L. Willocks

Division of St. Thomas/St. John—Tel: 340-774-6680, Fax: 340-776-9889
Acting Chief Deputy Clerk: Estrella George, Tel: 340- 774-6680, Ext. 6500, Fax: 340-776-8690
Administrative Judge– Brenda J. Hollar
Judge– Audrey L. Thomas
Judge– James S. Carroll III
Judge– Michael C. Dunston
Judge– Adam G. Christian
Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands
Clerk of the Court-Veronica J. Handy, email:
St. Thomas Tel: 340.774.2237, St. Thomas Fax: 340.774.2258
St. Croix Tel: 340.778.0641, St. Croix Fax: 340.772.0004
Chief Justice: Rhys S. Hodge
Associate Justice: Maria M. Cabret
Associate Justice: Ive Arlington Swan

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