October 21, 2017 11:37 am Last modified: 1:55 am

Fort Christiansvaern Second Floor Exhibit Areas Closed for Renovations

The National Park Service (NPS) has announced that it will begin repairs to the second floor gallery space at Fort Christiansvaern at the Christiansted National Historic Site. These areas have sustained termite and water damage over the past few years and require upgrades by historic preservation specialists. The renovation program will include the Commandant’s Quarters areas on the second floor that house public exhibits on the history of Christiansted. Access to the second floor, elevated gun decks will remain open to the public at this time.
The restoration process will begin with a period of evaluation and consolidation of the existing building materials. In January, a team from the Historic Preservation Training Center will spend six to eight weeks working on the reconstruction project and provide technical assistance to the staff at Christiansted NHS. Work will be completed on the second floor exhibit spaces and gallery areas by June of 2015.
At that time they will reopen to the public.

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