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Nolan Wins First Bike Federation Race of the Year

Eddie NolanCyclist Eddie Nolan posted the fastest time in the Virgin Islands Cycling Federation’s first race of the year, the Season Prologue, cutting four seconds off last year’s top time in doing so.

The race was held Saturday morning on South Shore Road, as a small group of cyclists raced from the eight miles from Junie’s Bar to the former Café Kaleidoscope.

Competing in the Expert category, Nolan completed the course in 17 minutes, 33 seconds. Scott Fricks came in at 19:00.

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Riding in the Elite category, David Parris was third overall.

The next scheduled race, the La Grange Circuit, is set for 7 p.m. Feb. 8.

Further information is available by calling the federation at 1-340-332-6282.

The final times for all contestants follow.


1st, David Parris, 19:11, third place overall; 2nd, Glenn Massiah, 19:27, fourth overall.


1st, Eddie Nolan, 17:33, first overall; 2nd, Scott Fricks, 19:00, second; 3rd, Clive Parris, 19:43, fifth; 4th, James Meyers, 20:57, sixth; 5th, Joey Swanson, 21:53, seventh; 6th, Laverne Fredericksen, 22:00, eighth; 7th, Mark Kennedy, 23:17, tenth; 8th, Yves Abraham, 23:58, twelfth.


1st, Valentino Gario, 22:45, ninth overall; 2nd, Judy Gario, 26:29; 13th overall; 3rd, Donna Goetsch, 29:30, 15th; 4th, Antonio Lewit, 30:15, 16th.


1st, Nelson Rojas, 23:41, 11th overall; 2nd, Fred Rollins;, 29:28, 14th; Larry Malanga, did not finish.

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