October 22, 2017 2:18 am Last modified: 1:55 am

The Haitian Victory Wins Four Team Soccer Tournament

Four teams participated in Sunday’s the St. Thomas round robin soccer event at Lionel Roberts Stadium. Each game was 40 minutes in duration. The Haitian Victory won the tournament by defeating the UWS, the Laraza and the Raymix (the 2014-15 league winners), in that order.
Final Standings:
1. Haitian Victory
2. Raymix
3. UWS
4. Laraza
Game 1
Raymix 2 (Jefferson Georges and Richard Allen scored)
Laraza 1 (Orande James scored)
Game 2
Haitian Victory 2 (Saint Casimir and Kendy Boniface scored)
Game 3
Haitian Victory 3 (1 scored by Wesley Francois and 2 scored by Jerry Marseille)
Laraza 0
Game 4
Raymix 1 (Richard Allen scored)
Game 5
Haitian Victory 3 (Wesley Francois and Jerry Marseille and Saint Casimir scored)
Raymix 1 (Richard Allen scored)

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