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With predictors saying Hurricane Jose is likely to go 75 to 100 miles north of the Virgin Islands, Gov. Charles W. Turnbull told Radio One news that Virgin Islanders need to stay vigilant. Turnbull said island administrator Julien Harley would be the contact person for St. John.
Turnbull moved the curfew from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. to give residents time to make sure their homes were secure.
The governor said he had been in touch with President Bill Clinton and asked the president to declare a state of emergency if it should become necessary.
Turnbull also said a Federal Emergency Management Agency team was in the territory prepared to give assistance.
Roy Ward, the tropical weather expert with Radio One, said during the noon news report that he was optimistic the V.I. would not be hit directly by Hurricane Jose.
Ward said the eye was passing over Antigua as he gave his update.


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