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Senior Elections
Senior class elections were held in September. Students vying for positions had the opportunity to say what they were going to do for their class and school.
The competition was fierce and the seniors running for the title for president came up with plans and ideas that could and will improve the present status of their class.
The position of senior Class President attracted four hardworking candidates: Pauline Chinnery, Silka Ritter, Latanya Huggins and Abdul Liburd.
For the Vice President position there were four candidates also: Canika George, Luz Boschulte, Dean Williams and Renee Andre. The positions of Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations were uncontested.
Patricia Baron was the candidate for secretary, Nichole Turnbull, the candidate for treasurer and Dornelle Thomas, the candidate for public relations.
On Monday September 27, 1999, a rally was held and all seniors who were running for office addressed to the whole Senior Class telling them their plans. On the following Tuesday, seniors voted in homeroom for the candidate they felt were best for the job.
After students voted in homeroom the victorious candidates were, Abdul Liburd for President, Luz Boschulte for Vice President, Patricia Baron for secretary, Nicole Turnbull for treasurer and Dornelle Thomas for Public Relations.
Congratulations go out to the new senior class officers of the Illustrious Class of 2000.
New Club at C.A.H.S.
Dormois Bazille, a senior at the Charlotte Amalie High School, spoke with the journalism class on Thursday about the start of the brand new Environmental Club which was founded by Jerome Ringo. In the discussion, Dormois pointed out several provocative facts and issues pertaining to the club and how the club became introduced into the Charlotte Amalie High School criteria.
Founder Jerome Ringo gave an innovative presentation in the auditorium to the staff and students, talking about the club’s main purpose which is to clean up the environment and use these skills to help keep the environment clean as well as our school.
The presentation took place in September. Dormois mentioned also that Mr. Ringo, who is also a very popular for what goes on the Discovery Channel is the only black African-American lobbyist.
Dormois also mentioned that the club focuses on recycling in school, and the proceeds from this will help benefit the well being of the school.
Right now, there are 25 active members but more are still needed. the head officials of the club are Dormois Bazille, president, Dornell Thomas, vice president and Kishone Bussue, secretary.
Ninth graders are especially wanted, because they will be here longer and they can continue to keep the club running. The meetings for this club are announced a few days before meetings are held.
Tackle Football
CAHS tackle football team is dominating the field after their three game
winning streak. So far they have played the Private schools' Arawaks and Eudora Kean Devil Rays in a rough tough duel to the death matches.
In the first game the mighty, Mighty Chicken Hawks practically devoured the Arawaks. There was no challenge whatsoever! CAHS crushed the Arawaks 20-0. CAHS players say it was a long anticipated game and all the hard work finally paid off.
The Mighty C.A.H.S. Chicken Hawks played game agianst the Eudora Kean Devil Rays at the Lionel Roberts Stadium 7 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 20.
The game was played at its best. Even though the Chicken Hawks did not have all of their incredible players there , they still came out victorious again.
The valiant efforts of the incredible player Brian Bedminster who is the center number 52 helped the quarterback towards the touchdown during the 3rd quarter of the game.
The magical hands of Renan Harrigan caught a 40-yard pass to score the final touchdown in the second game of the season which gave the Chicken Hawks a 2-0 in the lead in tackle football.
In the game against the Arawaks on December 4, the Hawks beat the Arawaks 12-0. We eagerly await the next challenging game ahead, our home-coming game against the Ivanna Eudora Kean Devil Rays.


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