Consider this an appeal to our governor. Charles L. Turnbull.
We need a Tourism commissioner, and we need one ASAP!
Your administration has now been in office for a year. How time flies. This also means we, the community, have been leaderless in the position of commissioner of Tourism for the same amount of time.
Consider that tourism is the number one focus of our economy we must move past the "Bornn Affair" for the overall benefit of our islands.
I am not sure what the hold up is in selecting a new commissioner of Tourism, but my sources say that the present acting commissioner, Monique Sibilly Hodge is in good favor with you, our governor. So what's the hold up?
Here is my suggestion to you, the present administration.
The small business community has a great deal of respect for Monique Sibilly-Hodge and her capabilities to do the job, to represent and promote these islands.
I personally endorse the future nomination of Monique Sibilly-Hodge as the next tourism commissioner for the Virgin Islands and urge my small business counter parts on St. Croix and St. John to speak out and do the same.
Mrs. Hodge, who for many years contributed her assets to the St. Thomas-St. John Chamber of Commerce as the lady behind the scenes, is ripe for the job. With the pledge of assistance of the business community, there is no reason to believe that Mrs. Hodges selection as tourism commissioner is not a move in the right direction.
To Monique Sibilly-Hodge, but I say it openly, "you’re the girl" and I’ll work to assure the support of the small business community to support your nomination, if the Governor sees eye to eye with me on this issue, I'll see your nomination gets the support that meets the approval of the people of the Virgin Islands. Are you ready to step up to the plate?
Speak out Virgin Islanders, on island or off! Call Government House at (340) 774-0001 to voice your approval.
Vinnie Mohanani
St. Thomas
[email protected]


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