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"With the dawn of the new millennium upon us, this holiday season is a special one, for it is filled with the possibility of new beginnings. As we all reflect on the happenings of the past, this year we look back not only on the past year, but on the past decade and the past century.
"As Virgin Islanders reflect on the '90s, we note our ability to rebound from disaster, as we faced not only the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo, but Marilyn, Georges and Lenny as well. We learned a lot about ourselves – that we can begin again, that we can make new from the ashes of the old.
"As we review the past century, we see a people who took on the mantle of a new nation, struggling individually and collectively to obtain the human and
civil rights due to us, enjoying the progress and prosperity borne of hard work, prayers and tears and working to meet the challenges of continued economic, social and political advancement.
"As we look toward the new millennium, let us remember the lessons of the past – that we have been at our best when we trusted and relied on one another, that we have moved forward when we worked towards a common goal with optimism, that our collective faith, despite our religious differences, have been the backbone of strong families and strong communities.
"And so I am confident that we can look towards the next century and the next millennium with optimism. God's wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday season filled with reflection and resolution for a progressive and productive New Year."


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