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Here are the results for the annual Children’s Race on St. Croix, which was held before the Festival 2000 Children’s Parade in Frederiksted on Friday.
Miles Lowman and Jawana Goodwin were the male and female victors in the annual race. Thirteen year old Lowman took the lead early in the half-mile race and won with an excellent time of 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Jawana Goodwin, also 13, led the girls down King Street, the parade route, to the finish line at Fort Frederik.
Morgan Locke was the second male finisher in 2:20; Shelby Cruz was the female finisher in 2:37; Travis Morton was the third male in 2:41; 6 year old Nicole Galiber was the third female in 4:50.
The Finishers Male: 1. Miles Andre Loman 2:1034 Good Hope School; 2. Morgan Locke 2:20.69 Good Hope School; 3. Travis Morton 2:41.81 V.I. Express Track Club; 4. Jkendai Goodwin 2:42.21 St. Croix Track Club; 5. Jnuru Goodwin 2:43.24 St. Croix Track Club; 6. Devin Locke 2:43.77 Good Hope School; 7. Tyson Henderson 3:29.34 Team Henderson; 8. Raphael Henderson 3:32.09 Team Henderson; 9. Alex Bradbury 3:44.10 10. Alfredo Henderson 3:45.60 Team Henderson; 11. Jordon Henderson 3:46.12 Team Henderson; 12. Angelo Galiber 3:55.10 Good Hope School; 13.Dallas Henderson 3:59.20 Team Henderson The Finishers Female: 1. Jawana Goodwin 2:20.69 St. Croix Track Club; 2. Nicole Galiber 4:50.02; 3. Zarah Henderson 4:53.10 Team Henderson.
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