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Sixteen hardy runners ran the rigorous Magen's Bay 10K Road Race on Sunday starting at 7 a.m.
The runners began the race at the bay then ran the steep hilly course to the rocky end of Peterborg Point and back down for a distance of 6.2 miles.
The first runner to cross the finish line was Luis Caldera in a blazing time of 45:55. He is running strong and has won the last two shorter road races. The second finisher was Isaak Aronson in 47:43, followed by Peter Altier of St John in 48:06. The first woman was Grace Tuma with a finish of 50:03. Kathleen McMurtrie followed her in 55:15. Jennie Wentworth came in next in 57:33.
The remainder of the runners were Gerald Wentworth 48:51, Bill Bredenbeck 51:08,Jim Hilbert 51:26, Miles Stair 53:23, Jenie Wentworth 67:33, Kevin Lenahan 58:28,Frank Jackson 58:58, Dale Gill 1:00:18, Craig Marek 1:07:09, and Bev Robinson 1:16:04.


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