Dear Source,
You are dreaming. Mandatory insurance CANNOT do the following:
1. Protect you from uninsured drivers.
2. Insure that after an accident that an uninsured or insured driver
will stay at the scene of the accident.
Mandatory insurance in its present form is flawed.
No.1 – They simply cannot promise you that NO UNINSURED MOTORISTS will be driving on the roads. They cannot, there is no way enforce that. If someone doesn't pay their next premium on their insurance there's nothing anyone can
do. I mean I guess there could be roadblocks set up forever checking everyone all the time, but that just isn't going to happen is it?
No. 2 – Insured drivers have a LARGER reason now to leave the scene of an
accident, they don't want their insurance to go up do they? The more
tickets you get, the more your insurance goes up. And it stays that
high for many years, just for one mistake. People will do lots of
things for money.
I think there is a shortage of logic going on in this argument, Chucky
Hansen probably knows what she is doing. At least she doesn't have her
head in the clouds about how mandatory insurance is going to protect her
from uninsured motorists. Give me a break! Does the law making marijuana illegal make no one smoke it? Making a law doesn't mean it is enforceable. It just means that some people will follow it, those that can, and those that can't will think it is unjust and not follow it.
I believe it is extremely unjust to criminalize people who cannot afford to pay for mandatory auto insurance. Are you going to feed that single mother's kids when she has to spend her money on insurance instead of groceries? Do you think she should quit her job because she cannot afford the insurance? Maybe you would rather have her walk to work in addition to raising a family on her own and working one and probably even two or more jobs. Are you of the opinion that someone without money just should not be driving anyway and to heck with them?
Being poor should not be a crime and I think that is what the real issue is here. Oh, I know….let them eat cake right?
Pay at the pump insurance would solve both of the problems I told you about above. So why is everyone so against it? I haven't heard a valid argument yet, not even one that made any sense. I think you all need to WAKE UP and smell the scam.
Cindy Larason


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