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July 19, 2001 – Coral World seems an unlikely place for felines. But that's where the marine park's marketing manager, Allegra Kean, discovered two three-week old kittens, last month. "They were meowing and obviously hungry," said Kean who heard their cries from her office one day. The smaller of the two was covered with cactus spines from hiding in the bushes, and they were both very skinny, she said.
A couple of days later, Kean trapped them and took them to veterinarian, John Moore, where they tested negative for feline leukemia and the feline immuno virus, and both received a clean bill of health.
Since then, the kittens have been living in Coral World's administrative office. "At first they were very fearful of people, but they have warmed up a lot," Kean said. "Now when I come to work, they run towards me, and one even climbs up my leg to get more attention." "I know they will make good pets."
Though Coral World would like to keep the kittens, cats pose a great threat to the ducks on exhibit in the Tropical Nature Trail. Now that the ducks are laying eggs, young hatchlings can easily fall prey to kittens.
The kittens are now approximately seven weeks old, and ready for a permanent home. If you are interested in adopting one or both kittens, contact Allegra Kean at 775-1555 ext. 246 or [email protected].


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