The Virgin Islands Pace Runners team defended its first-place finish in the 18th Annual Fort-To-Fort Relay Road Race held early Sunday morning.
The direction of the race reversed on the same route for the first time, starting at Fort Christiansvaern in Christiansted and finishing at Fort Frederik in Frederiksted. George Jules, currently the top long-distance runner in the V.I., led the first leg — 3.5 miles, the shortest of the 15.5 miles race – in 20 minutes.
He followed by Kent Bradbury of The Untouchables a minute back, Leopold Federicks finished the leg in 23 minutes and in third place.
At the end of the second, four-mile leg from Vista Mar in Estate St. John on the Northside Road, to the west of Mon Bijou on Midland Road. The Untouchables Jeremy Laurent took the lead from George Willocks of Land Cruisers. Meanwhile, Wallace Williams of V.I. Pace Runners made up time and moved into second place as he handed off to Marlon Williams who went to the front after overtaking Gunnar Sanden at Grove Place and into Mahogony Road and the Rain Forest. George Cannon, the last runner for V.I. Pace Runners secured the win as he crossed the finish line first at Fort Frederik in 1 hour 39 minutes and 45 seconds.
The Finishers:
1.V.I.Pace Runenrs (Leopold Fredericks, Wallace Williams, Marlon Williams, George Cannon) 1:39.45; 2. Land Cruisers (George Jules, George Willocks, Jabari Goodwin, Theresa Harper) 1:43.36; 3. The Untouchables (Kent Bradbury, Jeremy Laurent, Gunnar Sanden, Luke Frederick) 1:49.20; 4. New Power (Anselm Richards, Earthla Arthur, Jo Shim, Alicia Lewit) 2:03.50; 4. Star Ship Enterprise (Paul Cusin, Elena Shaubah, Denise Blanchette, Kathy Vanderleest) 2:17.20; 5. St.Croix Track Club (Larry Vanderleest, J’Kende Goodwin, Rey Lutz, Junuru Goodwin) 2:23.49; 7. Los Suavecitos (Rey Ruiz, Jean Sylvester, Diane Schroder, Marie Elise Witmer 2:34.45.
The next race on the V.I.Pace Runners Calendar is the annual Labor Day 5k on Monday September 3. The race starts in Southgate, East of Christiansted and finishes at the National Park in Christiansted. For more information call 777-0258, or click here.


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