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Dear Source,
I read about Jane Clemo attempting to attend the candlelight vigil in Emancipation Park, only to have it cancelled due to "information getting out too late". The vigil should still have been on. Quantity should not have been a concern, only quality. One or two people would have been fine.
My three-year-old daughter asked me if we could light candles for the people who had been hurt by the "bad men in the airplanes". She saw people doing this on the television. I agreed and proceeded to put together a sign and located 11 candles. We found the perfect spot. At the entrance to our road a small concrete slab had been put down recently. A friend and her husband joined us and we put the sign and candles up. A neighbor of ours who happens to be a pastor stooped and offered prayers for the victims and their families. He also prayed for punishment tempered with justice and tolerance for others. The memorial is still there. We relight the candles every night.
Unfortunately someone stole several of the candles. I'm replacing them. What a lesson for my child. Along with "bad men who hurt people", we also have "bad people who steal candles".
C'Aron Hamilton
Fortuna, St. Thomas

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