March 31, 2002 – Ready to start the fifth and last race of the International Rolex Regatta on Sunday, St. Croix skipper Scott Stanton at the helm of his family's J/24, Jersey Devil, knew he had to put a boat between himself and Puerto Rico's Don Q Cristal in order to win the highly competitive J/24 class.
"We had a great start and a good windward leg leading in first," the 18-year-old said afterward. "Then, when we rounded the mark, Don Q got right behind us. We covered them all the way, just managing to stay in front." Then, on the second leg, "Don Q and Cora 2002 got into a tacking dual, and they lost speed because of it. By the time we got to the layline for the finish, Urayo had passed Don Q, and we got what we needed to win."
Jersey Devil and Old & Gray, St. Thomas skipper Chris Rosenberg's IC-24, were the two local boats that took first-place honors in the 29th annual regatta, an Easter weekend tradition hosted by the St. Thomas Yacht Club. This year, no longer part of the Caribbean Ocean Racing Triangle, the regatta focused on racing in 12 classes, with no boat being named best overall based on time and handicap, and each class winner collecting a Rolex watch.
Wind — often a lack of it — was the big story for this Rolex Regatta, and Sunday — which was to have been the third race day but instead was the second — proved more of the theme. Competitors headed out from Cowpet Bay in search of wind, rather than sailing the traditional Coral World Race, a traditional route between St. Thomas and St. John and then west. A lack of wind postponed the first start until 11:30 a.m. Then, right in the middle of that race, the winds dropped to near breathless as a big cloud mass moved overhead.
"Sometimes, there was barely enough air to fill the spinnaker and keep it out of the water," Robbie Ramos, tactician on the class-winning Orion, a Melges 24 from Puerto Rico, said afterward.
But then a squall brought the breezes bustling back so the race committee could launch the 78-boat fleet on the day's second race.
St. Thomas's Ben Beer, working the bow on Titan XI, an Andrews 68 owned and skippered by Puerto Rico's Tom Hill, said, "We take what we get. But the more the breeze built, the wider my smile."
Titan XI, competing in the Racing Over 50 Ft. Class, and Old & Gray in the IC-24 Class were two of the regatta's five perfect winners — finishing first in class in all five of the Rolex races. The others were Cold Beer 3 (Spinnaker Racer Cruise Class), Suzuki Tornado (Beach Cats Class 2) and Ex Mero Motu (J/80 Class).
Jersey Devil's campaign was a family effort; skipper Scott Stanton's crew included his twin brother, Peter, and older brother Chris. When asked how he might share his Rolex watch prize, Scott had a ready answer: "It goes to our dad. He deserves it."
This is the last season that the Stantons will be racing Jersey Devil as a team in the spring regattas, as Peter and Scott will be heading off to college in the fall.
Top 3 final results after five races
(Awards this year are in classes only; there is no overall winner.)

Racing Over 50 Ft. Class (3 boats)
Titan XI, Andrews 70, Tom Hill, San Juan, 1-1-1-1-1; 5
Equation, Santa Cruz 68, Bill Alcott, St. Claire Shores, Mich., 2-2-2-2-2; 10
Donnybrook, Custom 73, James Muldoon, Washington, D.C., 3-3-4-4-4; 18
Spinnaker Racing Class 1 (7 boats)
Twisted Lizard, Mumm 30, Mike Lathrope, Naperville, Ill./St. Thomas, 3-2-4-1-1; 11
Mermaid II, Custom 40, Bill Berardelli, Bluebell, Pa./Tortola, 1-1-3-5-3; 13
Caccia alla Volpe, Vallicelli 44, Carlo Falcone, Antigua, 5-4-2-2-2; 15
Spinnaker Racing Class 2 (13 boats)
Orion, Melges 24, Efrain Lugo, Ponce, P.R., 1-1-1-5-1; 9
2 Contact Carib, Melges 24, Fritz Bus, Sint Maarten, 2-2-2-6-3; 15
Lost Horizon II, Olson 30, James Dobbs, Antigua, 6-4-3-1-8; 22
Spinnaker Racer Cruiser Class 1 (5 boats)
Hullabulloo, Beneteau First, Phillip Allen, Southampton, U.K., 2-1-1-1-2; 7
Pipe Dream, Sirena 38, Peter Haycraft, Tortola, 1-2-2-2-1; 8
Spirit of Isis, Farr 65, Harry Spedding, U.K., 5-3-3-3-3; 17
Spinnaker Racer Cruiser Class 2 (5 boats)
Cold Beer 3, Tartan 10, John Schultheiss, Tortola, 1-1-1-1-1; 5
Disco Inferno, Sigma 33, Matt Abbiss, Herts, U.K., 3-2-2-2-3; 12
J.Doe, J/30, Cynthia Ross, St. Thomas, 2-4-3-3-2; 14
Beach Cats Class 1 (10 boats)
Exodus-Sambiago, Hobie 16, Enrique Figueroa, San Juan,1-1-1-5-1; 9
Blame It on Rhea, Prindle 19, Mark Chong, St. Thomas, 6-2-4-1-4; 17
Yuisa, Hobie 16, Rosarito Martinez, San Juan, 7-3-2-4-2; 18
Beach Cats Class 2 (6 boats)
Suzuki Tornado, Tornado 20, Enrique Figueroa, San Juan, 1-1-1-1-1; 5
Red Hook Agencies, Inter 20, John Holmberg, St. Thomas, 2-2-3-2-2; 11
Century 21, Tornado, Terry Jackson, St. Thomas, 3-3-2-3-3; 14
Non Spinnaker Racing Class (3 boats)
Wildflower, Ron Noonan, Marion, Mass./Tortola, 1-1-1-2-1; 6
ATN, J/27, Marcus Compton, St. Thomas, 2-2-2-1-2; 9
Jecy, Oceanis 461, Emanuel Giancomelli/Stefano Spangaro, Rimini, Italy,
3-3-3-4-4; 17
Fun Class – Jib & Main (no pole) (5 boats)
Nemesis, Hunter 42, Edwin Cruz, Fajardo, P.R., 2-1-1-1-1; 6
Windflower, Alberg 35, Stan Joines, St. Croix, 1-2-2-2-2; 9
Far Cry, Bombay Clipper, Herve Chassin, St. Thomas, 4-3-3-3-4; 17
IC-24 Class (10 boats)
Old & Gray, Chris Rosenberg, St. Thomas, 1-1-1-1-1; 5
Voila, Tracy Roberts/Anthony Kotoun, St. Thomas/Newport, R.I., 5-2-3-3-2; 15
Red Dog, Mike Williams/Skip King/Jessica Rosenberg, St. Thomas, 2-3-4-7-5; 21
J/80 Class (4 boats)
Ex Mero Motu, Antonio Mari Jr., San Juan, 1-1-1-1-1; 5
Abracadabra, Carlos Camacho, P.R., 2-2-3-2-3; 12
Sun Bum II, Angel Ayala, Carolina, P.R., 3-4-2-3-2; 14
J/24 Class (7 boats)
Jersel Devil, Scott/Peter Stanton, St. Croix, 8-2-1-4-1; 16
Don Q Cristal, Michael Serralles, P.R., 8-1-3-1-3; 16
Bacardio/Urayo, Gilberto Rivera, P.R., 1-8-2-3-2; 16

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