1. How important is a comprehensive land and water use plan, and why has the territory been unable in more than 20 years of effort to enact one? What will it take to change this, and what, if anything, will you do bring about such change?
Comprehensive Land and Water Use Plan:
A Comprehensive Land and Waste Use Plan is the primary mechanism used by most jurisdictions to manage development and to prevent the negative effects of development on the natural and man made environment. It will allow us to outline long term planning for increased demand on the electrical supply, for proper management of solid waste, for the reorganizing of traffic patterns that will allow the efficient flow of traffic and make provisions for adequate parking of vehicles. A land and water plan will help identify areas that are ecologically significant and must be protected.
2. How important is private and public sector partnering, and how can such partnering best be accomplished in order to be most effective in addressing economic and social problems in the territory? and 7. How do you assess the economy of the Virgin Islands at this time, and what do you see as its best hope for growth? What will you do to foster that growth?
Private and Public Sector Partnering and the Economy:

The best advertising for tourism in the territory is to showcase to the world a dignified quality of life, and enviable environment consisting of beautiful public parks and beaches and a safe and well maintained roadway system.
We must;
– Renovate Fort Christian into a world-class museum and charge a reasonable entrance fee.
– Develop the waterfront and attract more mega yachts.
– Revitalize the marine industry through collaboration with charter yacht league, the federal government and other stakeholders.
– Propose legislation to create a private/public partnership that will accomplish this.
5. What is the most viable solution to the territory's solid waste disposal problems? What will you do to advance the implementation of this solution? and 6. What is the most viable solution to the territory's sewage disposal problems? What will you do to advance the implementation of this solution?
Solid Waste & Sewage Disposal:

The issue of waste disposal has plagued the residents of the Virgin Islands for many years. We are faced with the visible effects of litter in our neighborhoods and on our roadsides and the less visible contamination of soil and ground water by the improper disposal of sewage, solid waste, oil and toxic fluids.
We must;
– Establish a Waste Management Authority that will make the waste disposal system in the territory an environmental model for similar sized jurisdictions in the country, as well as the Caribbean region.
– The Anti-Litter and Beautification commission has started a recycling program on St. Thomas and I support their efforts, but we must do more. We generate approximately 285 tons of solid waste annually in the Virgin Islands. Approximately 35 percent of that is compostable green waste. This valuable resource can be used by an enterprising individual to start a composting business.


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