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An open letter to Senator Alicia "Chucky" Hansen
Dear Senator Hansen,
I have been reading in both the Virgin Islands Daily News and The St.
Thomas Source the allegations and the denials regarding your degrees of
higher learning from some school, which includes Regis in its name.
Senator Hansen, please come clean on this subject. You can call people names, condemn entire entities, and basically make denials about this subject until the proverbial cows come home. But you know, deep down in your heart, that the "degrees" which you have obtained, while obtained legally, are not really worth the, more than likely, low quality paper they are printed on. This issue will not go away Senator Hansen.
What is really one of the more disturbing facts about this, is that your job as a senator, elected to represent the people of the Virgin Islands, elected to spend the money of these citizens, as well as the taxpaying public of the United States of America, was given to you partially for the academic record that you claimed for yourself. Not to mention the fact that being a public figure, automatically sets you up as a role model for the youth of the Virgin Islands. This is truly a shame.
What else has been lied about Senator Hansen? Is this just the tip of the iceberg? If you say "nothing", why should you be believed? If you can’t even tell the truth about this, what else could there be that has not yet come to light? Quit while you're ahead Senator Hansen, your hand has been in the cookie jar for long enough. You have proven to the voters that you cannot be trusted to tell the truth.
I’m sure one of your first reactions to my letter is going to be, "Why do you care, you don’t even live here". My answer to that Senator is that much of my tax money lives there. Do the right thing.
Eric K. Roeske

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