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Dear Source:
I anxiously sat down at my computer to check on the election results for the Virgin Islands tonight confident that the present governor would most certainly be replaced with one of two very impressive candidates with innovative ideas and a pledge to help businesses stay and flourish in the territory. I cannot adequately express my total and utter disgust and disappointment at the results. I cannot imagine what by beloved island will look like after 4 more years under the watch of the corrupt Turnbull administration. Wasn't anyone paying attention to what was going on? Did anyone listen to candidates with real solutions to the horrible problems that we are up against? I fear for all our futures, it is a sad night for all of us who continue to have hope that things will improve in the territory. It is unthinkable that Charles Turnbull was re-elected. I never thought it could happen. Time to turn out the lights.
Sue Seibel

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