Dear Source:
As I sit writing this, the phone is ringing down at IRB. When I finally got through last week, I talked with a very helpful Christian woman who was kind enough to let me know that, yes, I was correct, my tax return had been processed well before the election, although she was not at liberty to tell me exactly when. As to when I might receive the check, well, that is up to Finance. She did let it slip, however, that Finance calls for the names from IRB in batches of 100 (which I find out later is wrong). The phone is being answered, and I'm getting a supervisor to call me back.
So, after weeks of calling, then visiting IRB, and more phone calls (@ 50 rings per at IRB; Finance has an answering machine), and lots of bad information, shrugging, and "I don't knows", "I can't tell you", and (from IRB) "You'll have to talk to Finance", and (from Finance) "You'll have to talk to IRB", I have reached an authority and here are the facts:
My tax return was handed in on April 15, 2002 (I know, the last day). It was processed on October 10, 2002. The IRB then holds on to the processed returns until Finance calls for the list in $200,000 blocks, for which checks are then cut in the order (and I'm taking this on faith) in which they were processed. This call takes place once a week, on Wednesday, which takes until Thursday to be printed and mailed. Those whose checks have been cut can expect them over the weekend. But there is no way to know where you are in the queue. Mine is a good example. As of today, I am verified as not on this week's list.
Where I am in the queue cannot, or will not, be provided. So, unless the check is cut next week, I will not have the money before Christmas. Que sera, sera. I'll have a blue, blue-blue, Christmas without it. Surprised? Disappointed? Naah… Remember…it was just a campaign promise. I screwed up. I believed it.
Don Bronsky
St. Thomas

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