Dec. 20, 2002 — The FULL MOON in Gemini/Sagittarius on December 19 followed the powerful total eclipse of December 4. During a New Moon, seeds are planted. Eclipse seeds are of a new variety. At the Full Moon, these seeds blossom. This Full Moon was presided over by Saturn, Roman god of agriculture. The name Saturn comes from satus, seed corn, and serere, to sow, reports astronomer Joe Rao on the space.com website. What kind of seeds have you sown? Saturn was closely conjunct the Full Moon, nearer to Earth and brighter than we¹ve seen it in 30 years. Also, its rings are displayed full toward us for a wonderful view of these complex structures, seen with a telescope.
Saturn's fascinating rings come in many sizes and forms, from small dust particles to mountainous masses. "Saturn's rings are the planet's most striking feature and, to scientists, the most puzzling," reported science writer Josh Rogan (November '97 issue of Astronomy magazine). "The Voyagers [of 1980 and 1981] revealed that the rings possess far more structure than anyone expected, including a host of bizarre features — clumps, kinks, spokes, and braids, which even now challenge scientists' understanding."
Astrologers expect Saturn to challenge our understanding — especially in Gemini — and appreciate the complex shapes demonstrated by this planet of form and structure.
Saturn's family of moons may affect the ring formations in some way. At last count, Saturn has 30 moons, twelve newly discovered in 2001. By far the largest Saturnian moon is Titan, which has a substantial atmosphere, thicker than that of Earth. The choreography of the moons varies: one has chaotic rotation, some have retrograde motion, and several have synchronous rotation, in which the rotational period is the same as the orbital period — how timely.
SATURN is in GEMINI through May 2003. This December moon cycle is one of the last major reminders of the Pluto-Saturn opposition that has been transforming our reality in profound ways. The New Moon eclipse was conjunct Pluto; the Full Moon aligned with Saturn. More information comes forward this month. It is important to keep our ears open for news beyond status quo reporting and also to listen to various points of view with an open mind. What we believe about reality, about what is happening in our lives, defines our experience. We are empowered in this time to move further into the new paradigm that is emerging into collective consciousness, centered around intimate interrelationship of mind and matter, heart and soul in the great web of life.
The emotional intensity of Mars and Venus joined in Scorpio continues into the New Year. The addition of the asteroid Juno, goddess of union, of commitment and mutual respect, implies that deep emotional commitments are being made. Our largely unconscious emotional state influences, even drives, our mental attitudes. Scorpio operates at the sub-atomic level of vibrating energy fields. A deep inner process is at play, tapping into transformational potentials at the feeling level. Scorpio is capable of agony and ecstasy. Venus, on the Beauty Path in Scorpio, seeks passionate and compassionate joy in life. If you are in resonance with deep inner source, vibrating at a frequency in resonance with your deepest desire for joy and love, that is what you will attract. This month is a great opportunity to dig deep and let go of those feelings that are not in harmony with your happiness. The energy of Mars gives this process more power and drive. If we are frozen in fear, we are not allowing the life force to flow. We are each responsible for this in our own lives. This Saturnian Full Moon is the time to take this responsibility. We are forging a new vision of reality. What is happening in the larger collective may present us with such a contrast to what we really want, that it fuels our desire for something more fulfilling. Let that desire lead you to act from love, for yourself and others, in every moment. Love is life.
MARS BRIGHTENS as the new year goes on. It's worth keeping in mind the astounding fact that by the end of August, Mars will be closer to Earth and therefore brighter than we¹ve seen it in 73,000 years! (Check out space.com for more on that.) Mars is also in a retrograde cycle in August and September. Once known as the god of war, the assertive energy of Mars is also active in our immune systems that fight back against disease. Can we pinpoint the source of the current dis-ease and direct the energy toward well-being and worthy goals?
The SAGITTARIUS ARROW was aimed into the center of the Milky Way galaxy at this Full Moon. Around 26-28 Sagittarius is our window into the galactic center. The true heroes and heroines of our time have their sight, their imagination set on the heart of truth. The Lord of the Rings comes out this week, doesn¹t it? Let¹s take archery lessons from the Elves. The times are mythic.
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Editor's note: Astrologer Kelley Hunter is a resident of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, where she leads stargazing nights and is studying for her Ph.D. in cosmology and myth and writing on Lilith and the Cosmic Feminine. To be on her e-mail list for monthly articles or for an astrology consultation, write her at [email protected].
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