My fellow Virgin Islanders, as we celebrate during this festive holiday season there are many blessings for which we should be grateful. I urge you to take the time to offer thanks and appreciation for the peace and good fortune we have enjoyed throughout the year. We have come through the hurricane season unscathed. Let us also reflect on the gift of peace and take a few moments to recognize and pay tribute to the many veterans and active military personnel that have made outstanding contributions to this community, as well as the international community in protecting the peace. Their contributions continue to offer hope for a peaceful world in which all of us can be treated with dignity and respect.
We should also remember those who are experiencing the holiday season for the first time without loved ones and friends who have passed on. Let us keep them in our prayers.
Best wishes go out to all the young people of the Virgin Islands who are sharing in this special time with their family and friends. It is my hope that they find the peace and joy of this season as a reason to continue to live in a positive and constructive manner. We must always acknowledge that the true worth of an individual's life does not hinge on his or her number of years, but on the quality of life that an individual creates. During this special season, I ask each young person to think of a way that he or she can contribute positively to the world. Perhaps it's through spending time with an elderly relative, caring for younger siblings or family members, or helping as a member of a civic organization to relieve the suffering and pain of someone else. The principal message of this season is one of loving, sharing, and caring.
As the days quietly and gently pass this season, let us all take time to rejoice in the realization that life – though often challenging – is the greatest gift we have been given. Together, we can build a community that inspires others to work in unity and mutual respect. Together, we can take the joy of this season and spread it throughout the coming year. May God bless you and your family during this season and may your days be filled with much joy and peace.


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