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Dear Source,
The silence of our elected officials concerning their reasons for some pay increases is beyond description. The recent actions by the Senate granting the governor, lieutenant governor and Senate salary raises for a job well done is shameful. When Gov. Turnbull was asked by the media for the reasons concerning the pay increases, he replied, in effect: "It's a golden spree for the world to see." He got that right.
The silence by the public should be examined. Yes, talk shows are a great place to express your feelings on issues. I would be the last person to tell you differently. However, I believe more must be done.
There are too many groups and agencies that time and time again make do with limited resources. Cutbacks in services by the government are here, and more are expected locally and nationally. These cuts are forecast without a reasonable new revenue stream. We are told by officials to just hold tight. If I were to list all the problems of the territory, I am afraid this would be dreadfully long letter. So let's begin with what we can do.
I believe a march should be considered. Calls to your representatives for a response for their actions, and even recall, should be made. Letters to the editors should be written by civic groups explaining the impact that will be felt by the community with the expected budget shortfalls of this government. These non-profit groups and agencies should also explain how their services will be reduced or eliminated — just like the Victim Advocates program and the V.I. Housing Authority Police were. Make sure to send a copy to every senator who voted for the raises.
We as a community should not let this action go unnoticed. I pray that the incoming Senate will repeal this legislation if the governor does not veto it. However, we need more than a prayer for this to happen. We need action now.
Jason Budsan
St. Thomas

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