Jan. 19, 2003 – The FULL MOON on January 18 brings in the high tides of the Capricorn-Cancer polarity. When the Moon is full, it is fully reflecting the light of the Sun. It is useful to think of the Sun and Moon signs interacting through their dynamic complementary energies. CAPRICORN is an earth sign that grounds our experience of being. CANCER is a water sign with a subjective feeling flow that tunes into life like a drop in the sea, the waves in the ocean. It has a receptive energy that welcomes and nurtures the matrix of life force. Capricorn then forms it into shapes and forms.
Mercury is retrograde until January 24, turning the mind inward with the help of Chiron, the shaman. At this Full Moon, Mercury and Chiron are conjunct, suggesting the shaman's journey between worlds. Put your thinking cap on and prepare to mentally engage with the paradigm shift. It's about time and space, our reality coordinates, which are shifting! Scientific journals are now starting to report on the reversal of the Earth's magnetic field, which is shifting its polarity.
Mercury is a trickster when retrograde. Things don't always go according to plan. But hey! says Chiron, that old plan wasn't so good anyway. Stop in your tracks and reorient. There could be a better way. Have you been noticing any magic moments where things seems to go wrong and then it goes even more right? On the other hand, some things just don't seem to be going right yet. The use of the shaman mind, when thinking through the new paradigm, shifts the attention and then the results. We tap into the matrix and weave a new pattern.
Our magnetic field is largely affected by the Sun, which is sending out record-breaking solar flares. The photograph from the NASA site shows a current eruption on the Sun, which may suggest the Sun is evolving.
The principle of complementarity was articulated by the brilliant Danish physicist, Niels Bohr. In quantum mechanics, the elusive quantum of action — the very smallest unit — cannot be determined with precision in both space-time and energy-momentum at once. If we can tell where it is, we can't tell how fast it's going. If we know how fast it's going, we can't tell where it is. Though highly unpredictable in individual experimental circumstances at subatomic levels, so subtle and precise, there is a remarkable stability in atomic and molecular systems. As we know, matter seems pretty solid — think Capricorn. On the subatomic level, photons — little tiny light packets — act like both particles and waves. They are both at once, like a drop in a cosmic sea — think Cancer. This is one of the mind-blowing revelations of modern physics.
The mindset and approach of the scientist influences to a significant degree the outcome of an experiment. How we ask a question implies the answer, whether we are aware of it or not. Therefore, our mindset is an integral part of the phenomena being observed‹in life as well as in science. The Gnostic Gospels say:
"What you see outside is what is inside of you.
And what is inside of you is what is outside of you.
It is visible and it is your garment.
If you bring forth what is within you,
What you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you,
What you do not bring forth will destroy you."

There is no separate observer. In essence, we create our reality by the way we think and feel about it, by what we believe to be true. This brings us to the door of psychology and consciousness. Bohr was interested in the implications of this new scientific epistemology for other fields, particularly psychology. In the search for self-awareness one loses objectivity, because the self is the ultimate subject. Complementarity implies mutual participation, an interdependent awareness with our world, our cosmos. We are seeking a conscious reunion with the universe we live in, a Self-conscious awareness of our being in a larger Being — cosmic consciousness. A worthy aspiration, the soul drinks it in.
An active, unified dynamic of spirit, mind and matter lies at the heart of our experience. The mental arena alone is limited by conditioned thought based on previous experience. As humans, we possess a mysterious complexity with a great reservoir of untapped consciousness. We exist in this physical plane, with an unstable, yet heightened charge of energy that can influence materiality to an unknown degree, as co-creative partners with life. We are largely unaware of this, because this open mental creativity is largely related to the unconscious. This can make us nervous or fearful. Yet when turned on, our intuition and imagination take us to an expanded level of awareness.
The sign SAGITTARIUS naturally taps into the higher mind wisdom of intuition and imagination. VENUS and MARS, still close in the morning sky, have moved into this truth-seeker sign. After months of these emotional planets being in Scorpio, we are ready for the open road, new adventures. On the 25th of January, Venus will conjunct Pluto‹a power surge of truth through the feminine magnetic energy. Mars will do the same on February 16 — a power surge of masculine dynamic. We feel our collective vision and then act on it. On the collective level, also, what we see outside is what is inside. Individually we seek our own direction through the illusions around us.
Black Moon Lilith Aries is electrically present during this Full Moon, squaring the Sun and Moon. She starts fires with sparks from the cosmic void. She has a mighty will and the clarity to direct that will. Do you? Can we together find a way? As mystic Teilhard de Chardin once wrote:
"Some day after mastering winds, waves, tides and gravity,
we shall harness for God the energies of love
and then, for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."

Editor's note: Astrologer Kelley Hunter is a resident of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, where she leads stargazing nights and is studying for her Ph.D. in cosmology and myth and writing on Lilith and the Cosmic Feminine. She will be a speaker at the October 2003 conference of the International Society of Astrological Research in California. Check out her website: www.heliastar.com. To be on her e-mail list for monthly articles or for an astrology consultation, write her at [email protected].

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