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Senator Hill Invites Investors to Partner with Local Businesses as a
Win-Win Solution to Virgin Islands Waste Management

(September 8, 2003): The islands of St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John have something in common today with Pago Pago, Midway, and Koror in the Pacific-they are all being touted as areas for excellent economic opportunity at the one day Economic Development Conference being hosted in Washington by Gale Norton, Department of Interior Secretary.
Senator Louis Patrick Hill, Chairman of the Committee on Planning and Environmental Protection presented the opportunities available for those in the business of waste disposal and recycling to the many attendees at the afternoon session. Satisfying the seven standing EPA Consent Orders is the first priority, followed by the closing of the Anguilla landfill on St. Croix, the Bovoni landfill on St. Thomas, the Suzannaberg landfill on St. John, and the reopening of two new landfills. "Waste Management in our territory must be matched to our geography, our capacity, and our economy. There are excellent investment opportunities for those who seek to partner with our local businesses." Senator Hill then spoke of the great impact his legislation to form a Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority will have on the Territory's push for economic recovery and development.
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