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Senate Meetings Can Be Seen on St Croix Again


July 7, 2004 – St. Croix viewers are once more able to view live Senate proceedings originating from St Thomas.
The service was interrupted due to an equipment failure at the cable company in early April. Friday, the Legislature learned that the problem was rectified and a series of testing was done, to ensure that a signal could be transmitted.
In early May, Tom Dunn, Innovative Communication Corp. spokesman, acknowledged that Crucians were unable to view Senate meetings. He said, "We've identified the problem," and the problem was that one of the receivers on St. Croix had not been working properly.
Innovative sent the receiver off via FedEx for repairs.
Sen. Ronald Russell, St. Croix, responded at the time, "In this year 2003, where technology provides for digital communication and high-tech transfer of information, there is no reason why an entire district should be blocked out from cablecast service."
As a result of the repair, residents on St. Croix should be able to view this week's Senate proceedings. The Finance Committee continues the budgetary process and on Thursday the Committee on Homeland Security will meet as well. Also that day Committee of the Whole meetings are scheduled on St. Thomas and on St. Croix. Friday morning the Committee on Planning Environmental Protection will also meet on St. Thomas.
V.I. Residents can continue to monitor all Senate proceedings on radio, 102.9 FM.

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