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Bicyclists Sped Around East End Sunday


July 20, 2004 – Twenty-five bicyclists participated in the East End Loop Road Race, hosted by the V I. Cycling Federation, on Sunday, July 18. The race competition was broken into three categories Elite, three laps; Expert, two laps; and Sport, one lap.
Jamie Keys was first across the line for the Elite. He finished the race in two hours and forty seconds.
The complete results are:
Elite – 39 miles
Jamie Keyes, 2.00.40; John Riggs, 2.00.40,Kahlil Jacobs-El 2.07.56, Gabe Webber. DNF, Glen Massiaha,DNF
Expert – 26 miles
Danney Fontanelle,1.21.30; Guy Lowery, 1.21.30; Raymond Brown.1.21.30; Cumba Greaux 1.22.00;Wayne Patrick DNF
Sport – 13 miles
Tyler Jowaisas, 43.30; John Frongillo,43.30; Kathy LaGrange, 44.00; Scott Fricks. 46.10; Bert Wolfe, 46.30; Nelson Rojas, 46.40; M. Lowery ,49.15; Bevern Sage, 50.40;
Marius Louis, 52.40; Mike Hill, 52.50; Tyrone Joseph, 54.40; Shaun Lewis, 57.18; Dana Sarni, 1.13.00; Michelle Hutchins, 1.39.20; Eric Hutchins 1.39.20.

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