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Christensen Will Speak at Democrat's Convention


July 26, 2004 – In what may be a historical first, V.I. Delegate Donna M. Christensen will have a speaking role at the Democratic National Convention in Boston on Wednesday evening.
Christensen, who is part of the Virgin Islands delegation, and a Kerry-Edwards campaign whip, will address the convention as a representative of the Virgin Islands and offshore territories, and as a national public health advocate.
Christensen is scheduled to give a three-minute speech between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. on the convention floor. Her remarks will follow the convention theme for the evening of a "Stronger, More Secure America."
"It is a great honor for me as a Virgin Islander, a Caribbean person and a representative of the off-shore territories to be given a chance to express some of the issues that are specific to us,"Christensen said. "It is a clear indication that the Kerry-Edwards campaign is about inclusion and embracing the entire American family," the delegate said.
Christensen will also take the stage on Thursday evening with her colleagues in the Democratic Women's Caucus of the House. The appearance includes a video presentation of the women in action in their various roles as Congresswomen.

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