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V.I. Land Needs to Go to Farms, Not Condo Projects


My name is Tom Collins and I live in California. I read your newspaper as often as possible because my cousin lives on St. Thomas; that's how I learned about the condo project on St. John. The development is out of control for a group of islands its size. Leaving very little room for food crops for its residents, the all mighty U.S. dollar isn't all that when you build, build and build and can't even supply the people with a basic commodity such as food. You can't keep shipping in food crops from the main land or anywhere else; they aren't fresh or nourishing.
And if you expect your economy to get better, it costs money — money taken from island people, not from deep-pocket developers. Who suffers in the long run? The people suffer from the lack of knowledge, which in my opinion leads to greed. The acreage that is being sold for development can be used to farm. So let's get real, my brothers and a sister, stop being dependent on others to feed you, enough is enough.
Tom Collins

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