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Purchasers Should Not Be Allowed to Buy Beaches


Dear Source,
I am from the United States, and visited St. Thomas just four weeks ago; my family has a timeshare there.
I was told of the islands' beaches being opened to anyone, regardless. This speaks well for the communities and their beaches. When someone buys properties, they should buy that and not the beaches. Most people construct home-type beaches around their own property for their own private use. Something must have gone wrong here. The islands and their paradise-type atmosphere are special to many a traveler; that's one main reason why the islands are chosen for vacationing, retirement and the like. These things should be made clear and placed in writing upon drawing up and/or signing contracts or during negotiations to property ownership. Surely, when one buys property they should afford its physical additions for comfort. I truly hope this matter is made clear and for the benefit of the islands and visitors.
The islands shouldn't change but continue to grow and grow. They have such a history and hold a very special place in the hearts of many worldwide. Domination and control against the grain is not pleasant now or in the future to come.
Thank you for allowing me to express myself; I was affected myself by this strange news.
Eileen Ferguson
Lakewood, Ohio

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