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Maho Bay Sets 'Art of Recycling' Programs


Oct. 29, 2004 – The Maho Bay Camp Art Center announces its first "Art of Recycling" celebration. The celebration, planned to occur annually, covers a program of art classes for each of two weeks, Nov. 28 to Dec. 4 and Dec. 4 to 11.
Guests arriving at Maho, Harmony and Concordia can sign up for a package of six different art classes each week for adults, and a package of six different classes each week for children. Participants in the six-class package can receive a 20 percent discount off Maho Bay accommodations with a direct booking. The classes are in the diverse media offered at the Art Center. In hands-on workshops with a focus on using recycled materials, art class participants will be able to work with pottery and clay, glass-blowing, tie-dyed clothes and scarves, watercolor painting and mosaics. (See separate article in Showcase section for pottery and clay programs.)
"It's a wonderful opportunity for the entire family to learn crafts as well
as make their own special Christmas and holiday gifts," Maho owner Stanley Selengut said. "They can make ornaments or paint their own watercolors. And the best part is that the program allows for plenty of free time to enjoy the beauty of St. John."
The Art Center at Maho Bay Camps creates a wonderful environment for turning waste glass, paper, wood and fabric into craft items and fine art. Highly skilled artists and artisans will conduct classes, workshops and demonstrations for guests. The multi-faceted program is designed for adults and children of all abilities. In the winter season, the classes range from beginning courses to intensive workshops.
The package of all six classes costs $295 for adults and $165 for children. (The definition of a child for children's rates will be skill-dependent.) Class size is limited to 20 and will be filled by package participants first.
Subject to change, classes and items to create for adults are:
Pottery: Masks, boxes, pendants, use of slump, hump molds.
Glass: Paper weight, rose, sun catcher.
Textiles: Block print, tie-dye, fabric printing on fabrics.
Tile Mosaics: Make a tile mosaic.
Water Color: Landscape painting
Classes and items to create for children are:
Paint Your Own: Sea critters
Glass: Stamp 2 sun catchers, rose.
Textiles: Tie-dye bandana, sarong or T-shirt.
Water Color: Free-form painting.
Glass Mosaics: Mosaic on cigar box.
Bells & Whistles: Make your own instruments – ocarinas, flutes and bells.
Tentative class schedule based on Saturday arrival and Saturday departure:
Sunday, 2-6 p.m.: Meet, greet, see examples of what can be made and do sign-ups.
Sign-ups are limited to one type of class per person. If there are any class spaces available, then guests can sign up for duplicate classes at additional cost.
Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri., a.m. classes.
Mon., Tues., Thurs., p.m. classes.
Friday, 1-4 p.m.: Raku Firing and Festival (Barbecue planned for program participants).
Friday night, packaging of all work made during the week (between 6-9 p.m.).
Saturday, departure.
Cost of individual class participation, if available:
Adult classes:
Pottery, $45.
Glass (13+), $60.
Silk Painting (8+), $45.
Tile Mosaics (12+), $40.
Water Color (12+), $45.
Textiles (12+), $60.
Children's Classes(8+ years):
Paint Your Own, $25.
Bells/Whistles, $35.
Glass, $30.
Textiles (Tie-dye), $25.
Water Color, $20.
Glass Mosaics, $30.
For further information and reservations for "The Art of Recycling" arts program, please call (800) 392-9004 or send e-mail .

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