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Hovensa Employees Give 102 Units of Blood


Nov 16, 2004 – Employees of Hovensa LLC, employees of contractors at the Hovensa refinery, and spouses of those employees gave a total of 102 units of blood during a blood drive conducted at the refinery last Wednesday. The blood drive is a semi-annual event conducted by the Medical Unit at Hovensa under the direction of the company’s chief medical consultant, Dr. Cora L.E. Christian.
Dr. Christian said that this was one of the most successful blood drives conducted by Hovensa to date. She expressed her thanks to the staff from the Blood Bank at the Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center and to volunteers from the community, including the licensed practical nursing students from the St. Croix Educational Complex, who came to the refinery to supplement the staff of the Hovensa Medical Unit during the blood drive. "Everyone worked together smoothly to accommodate the blood donors as quickly as possible," she said. "Most importantly, I thank the 102 persons who took the time to donate blood," Dr. Christian stated.
The blood donations were given to the Blood Bank at the Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital & Medical Center for use by the hospital.
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