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Visit the Humane Society for a Wake-Up Call


Dear Source,
As a past president of the Humane Society of St. Thomas and as a witness over the years to intolerable cruelty of and inhumane treatment towards animals in the territory, I was appalled, dismayed, saddened and totally disgusted by Governor Turnbull's "flick of the wrist" veto. Albeit not perfect, this bill is just the first step in bringing the U.S. Virgin Islands in line with similar legislation common throughout not only the United States but the civilized world.
If indeed the governor and the Executive Branch are ignorant of the rampant animal abuse and neglect evidenced and well-documented throughout the territory and are ignorant of the equally evidenced and well-documented correlation between animal abuse and general violence, I suggest he and they take the time to learn. A visit any day to the Humane Society Shelter might give them a first wake-up call.
On behalf of all the suffering animals in the territory, I beg the Legislature to send a very strong message to the Governor and the Executive Branch by overriding this preposterous veto!
Anna Clarke
St. Thomas

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