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Rotary East Fund-Raiser for Dominica Hospital


Dec. 8, 2004 – The Rotary Club of St. Thomas East organized a fund raising raffle this Fall to benefit the dialysis unit of the Roseau Hospital in Dominica. The club's International Service Director, Gary Xavier, who is a native Dominican, had the idea for this fund raiser following his mother's death from kidney disease earlier this year.
The Club sold $10 raffle tickets, with a first prize of airfare on Bevin and a hotel stay in Dominica donated by Bevin's Air Services and the Fort Young Hotel in Roseau. The raffle raised a total of $7,175.
The presentation took place on November 26 at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Roseau in the presence of the Hon. Herbert Sabaroche, Minister for Health and Social Security and Ms. Marvlyn Birmingham, Hospital Administrator. Xavier and Rotary East president Leslie White presented the check on behalf of the club. Also present were patients, doctors and nurses from the Dialysis Unit and members of the Rotary Club of Dominica. Other members of Rotary East who made the trip were Corinne van Rensselaer, Susan Roy, Fiona Stuart and Mike and Alicia Uhlig,
In expressing his gratitute for the gift, Mr. Saraboche said that 3 to 4 years ago, the cost per dialysis patient per month was $2,500EC. After several donations the current price has dropped to $1,000EC, still beyond the reach of their patients needing this treatment. Rotary East's donation will help pay off the outstanding lease agreement on the renetron machines, which will significantly reduce the per-patient monthly cost.
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