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Senators Need to Act Now on Anti-Cruelty Bill Override


Dear Source,
As the holidays arrive, this is an open letter to the governor, the lieutenant governor and members of the 25th Legislature about the recently vetoed Anti-Animal Cruelty Bill.
Stand up!
Stand up and make our community safer!
As you've seen over the last two weeks, editorial pages of this and other newspapers have been filled with the voices of people who overwhelmingly support this Bill becoming law.
Governor, lieutenant governor and senators, listen to these voices. Your constituents have spoken loudly. Where are the dissenting voices? This landmark legislation passed with a unanimous vote of the 25th legislature and no opposing testimony.
Senators, override the veto! You courageously supported and amended this bill to reflect your concerns and, most importantly, those of our citizens.
Governor, you re concerned with three points of this bill: penalties, trespassing and cockfighting. In as little time as one afternoon, a representative from your office, the Senate and the animal welfare community can address your concerns.
With the special session of the legislature scheduled for Wednesday, Dec.15, there is ample time for the Animal Anti-Cruelty Bill to be passed into law.
Animal abuse leads to child abuse and domestic violence. Let s not mask the face of animal abuse it is malicious, violent and sadistic. Go to our website at humanesocietyofstthomas.com and see for yourselves.
If I were assured that I could enjoy the holidays without hearing about violent crimes in our community, I could accept the postponement of Senate action on the Animal Cruelty Bill until the 26th Legislature. But violence doesn't take a holiday!
The time is now. Enough is enough. Call the governor, call the lieutenant governor, Call your senators Stand up! Stand up against violence!
Joe Elmore
Executive Director
Humane Society of St. Thomas

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