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FYI from Delegate Donna M. Christensen


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Christensen Extends Happy New Year Greetings
To Attend PR Governor Inaugural, Swearing In for Fifth Term

Washington, D.C. (December 30, 2004) – Delegate to Congress Donna M. Christensen extends her best wishes to all residents of the Virgin Islands, and their extended families and friends for a peaceful and prosperous New Year. Christensen said Thursday that with the tumultuous events of war and natural disaster dominating the headlines, it is important to remember that peace is to be found one person at a time, one day at a time, and shared each and every day with others.
"As we close out this Old Year, we remember all those who left us this year, whether in the tragedy of war or crime, or by suffering, accident or illness," said Delegate Christensen. "We move into the New Year filled with the purpose of making the lives of those in our families, our work places and our entire community better than it was last year, and to set us on a meaningful, sustainable path for the future."
The Delegate will travel to Puerto Rico this weekend for the gubernatorial inauguration of her friend and former congressional colleague, the Honorable Anibal Acevedo Vila on Sunday, January 2nd. "I had a great working relationship with him during his two terms in the Congress and look forward to more of the same as he assumes the governorship," Christensen said. "I also look forward to working with the new Resident Commissioner, the Honorable Luis Fortuno, as he takes on the Congressional duties for our neighboring island."
The Delegate will then travel to Washington, DC for the swearing in ceremony for her fifth term on Tuesday, January 4. She will then return to St. Croix for the festival activities.


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