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All Day Power Outage Raises Concerns On St. Croix


Jan 9, 2005 – St. Croix residents took Sunday's power outage in stride – up to a point.
When the 6 a.m. outage stretched through the day and threatened to go into the night, residents began to see it as more than a minor inconvenience and a chance to eat out, they began to worry.
Stores that were open began to get busier than they were on pre-Christmas busy days. A worker at Plaza Extra when questioned if it was crazy said, "That is an understatement." The water machine outside the store ran out of drinking water and there were just a couple gallons left for sale inside at 7 p.m..
A customer in line said, "I just spent $30 on batteries. I should have done this hours ago." The next customer was purchasing several gas cylinders for her Coleman stove.
Adding to the almost carnival-like atmosphere at the store was an accident in the parking lot. Sgt. Thomas Hannah, police spokesperson, was on the radio urging residents to stay at home if they had no where important to go because the traffic lights were not working and several accidents had been reported.
Fortunately, no need for panic was necessary, the island-wide power outage began to end just as the sun went down. On the east side of the island power started to come back at 6:30 p.m. and it came back to the west side by 8 p.m.
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