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FYI: Senate President Lorraine L. Berry Offers Best Wishes in Commemorate of King's Birthday


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Jan. 14, 2005 — Senator Lorraine L. Berry, Senate President of the 26th Legislature, today offered best wishes to the people of the Virgin Islands as the Territory, on Monday, January 17th, commemorates the birthday of Martin Luther King. Senator Berry noted Dr. King lived his life by not only championing the call for equal rights and justice for all people, but also by calling for forgiveness, statesmanship and non-violence.
"Dr. King was one of the most dynamic and engaging personalities of the 21st century," said Senate President Berry. "While challenging the racial and economic injustices perpetrated in this country during the 1950's and 1960's, Dr. King gained national and international prominence for his courage, determination and faith in standing up against great adversity."
Senator Berry encouraged residents that as they relax and enjoy the holiday, each should reflect on the principles by which Dr. King lived and implement them in their lives.
"As we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, let's adopt his love and respect for our fellow human beings regardless of race, creed or national origin to address our common concerns. Once we begin doing this, we will be making our contributions to help make the Virgin Islands and the rest of the world a better place for everyone," concluded the Senate President.


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