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Funeral Set for Lysia A. Watlington, Who Died Jan. 17


Jan. 23, 2005 — Funeral services have been scheduled for Lysia A. Watlington of Estate Hope, St. Thomas, who passed away on Jan. 17 at the end of a long illness. She will be laid to rest on Tuesday, Jan. 25. Viewing will take place from 8 to 9:30 a.m. at John Thomas Funeral Home. The service, at All Saints Cathedral, will begin at 10 a.m.. Interment will follow at the Western Cemetery.
Born Edris Lysia Audain and known as "Muddy" to close friends and family, she was the wife of the late Mario A. Watlington, to whom she had been married for 65 years. She is survived by her daughter, Audrey, and her son, Roy, her grandchildren Antonio Wood, Kafi Blumenfield and Masiere Clarke, and her great grandchildren Christopher Clarke Jr. and Nyla Clarke.
Close family survivors include her sister-in-law, Joyce Rhymer, her long-time counterpart and friend Elesa Watlington, her cousin Grace Sebastien, special niece Carmen Lindesay and nephews Felix Esquerdo, Angel Luis Flecha, Milton Lindesay, Wilbert Lindesay and Chester Lindesay. Descendants of the Esquerdo, Liggett, Pickering, Phaire, Sebastien, Spenceley, Vialet and Lindesay families are among her familial survivors.
Lysia Watlington leaves behind her beloved cousins and friends, Elise Vialet and Susthenes Vialet, and close friends Carmen Corneiro, LaVida Creque, Marie Lynch, Leona Wheatley, Audrey Donovan, Rudolph Galiber, Ariel Melchior Jr. and Mark and Terri Sabino. Apologies are offered for other friends and family whose names would not have been omitted if Muddy had prepared this announcement herself.
For additional information call Roy Watlington at 777-8183, 776-3647, C: 643-8183


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