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Ad Club Luncheon, 'Outsourcing and Resourcing'


The Ad Club of the Virgin Islands continues its professional series, "Thinking out of the Box," with a luncheon featuring guest speaker James Benham. "Outsourcing and Resourcing," as the event is titled, will be held at noon on Wednesday, Feb. 9, in Hibiscus Beach Resort's H20 meeting room. Benham is president of JB Knowledge Technologies Inc., a multi-national media development company with offices in Canada, the U.S. and Argentina. The firm specializes in working with advertising, public relations and marketing companies to help them manage their outsourcing process, as well as advising them on technological and complex media issues. The afternoon program will help businesses determine when to seek outside assistance and ways to manage resources, covering issues such as: knowing whey you're swamped; how to evaluate the true cost of labor, and managing and selecting a vendor. The luncheon is $18 per person, and those interested in attending should RSVP to 772-3894 by noon on Monday, Feb. 8.


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