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Gathering in Memory of the Goose


Feb. 2, 2005 – The goose will again be flying Friday night, at least in memory.
Former Antilles Airboats ticket agents, ramp agents, pilots, mechanics, friends and passengers are getting together at 6 p.m. Friday at the Golden Rail restaurant at St. Croix Marine in Gallows Bay for the 42nd reunion of the legendary airline that started in 1964.
Anyone with a hankering to trade stories about the old days when the Grumman goose rolled down Pan Am Pavilion and out into Christensted Harbor, (or later, when it moved to Watergut), is invited to come and share memories.
The goose was once an integral part of the territory, tying together all three islands, and tying together more memories than you can shake a wet boarding pass at.


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