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Writer Urges End to Using Ocean as a Sewer


Dear Source,
It doesn't take an expert to see the deterioration of our reefs. It's very obvious, just in the last twenty years, to the naked eye.
It's no wonder, with Hess and Harvey Al spewing their filth into the water. Sometimes while swimming, you can see red particles in the water from Harvey. The plant closed up its business and left an environmental mess that is the first thing that visually welcomes a tourist to St.Croix. It saddens a Cruzan to think that was once one of the major marine spawning areas on St.Croix.
So, its good to monitor that the ocean is deteriorating, but even better to hopefully to do something about it. How about starting by eliminating all the sewage that is constantly spewing in it and endangering our health?
Vivi Wagner Seaton

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