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AARP Features Delegate On Social Security Reform


March 11, 2005- St. Thomas AARP Virgin Islands Chapter 3138 meets March 19 at 1:30 p.m. in the Roy L. Schneider Hospital cafeteria.
Delegate Donna M. Christensen will be the keynote speaker. Her presentation will focus on the Bush Administration's proposed changes to the national Social Security Program.
"There is no more important debate going on in Washington at this time and the political rhetoric is plentiful," stated Delegate Christensen, "It is important that all Americans understand what is at stake, what the options are, and have their questions answered. It is important that I take your thoughts and concerns back to Washington," continued Christensen, "That is why attendance at this meeting is so important."
"St. Thomas Chapter members are very fortunate to have access to the most current information on Social Security directly from our Delegate," stated Juliet Francis-Greaux, president of the chapter, "It is critical that each of us learn what our options are in time to voice our opinion."
The public is welcome to attend.


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