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Burn Permits Are Dangerous to Water Island


Dear Source,
'Tis the dry season and the chance for bush fires is at its peak as evidenced recently on St. Croix.
In the past few -weeks there have been two instances of burning by Water Island homeowners who supposedly had been issued burn permits Is the V.I. Fire Service issuing burn permits for Water Island despite our not having any way to fight fires? The new Water Island fire station, as yet unoccupied, does not have a fire extinguisher much less a fire truck. Must we wait until there is a serious mishap before the threat of fire becomes a concern? Can a burn permit be issued when it comes with no guarantee for the safety of residents, their property and the environment in which they live? And shame on the person who requests a burn permit when the island is as dry as it is.
Those responsible for issuing burn permits should do their utmost to determine the conditions based on what is best for all residents and visitors and not for one of two who happen to have an inconvenient pile of lumber or bush to dispose of.
Larry Stein
Water Island

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