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Why the Secret Subsidizing of American Eagle?


Dear Source,
Competition is supposed to provide lower prices for everyone, right? That is of course, unless we are talking about American Eagle. The Lt. Governor makes a secret deal with them that causes the Virgin Islands Tax Payers to subsidize them, and still American Eagle's prices are higher than Cape Air, Seaborne, and the Virgin Islands Fast Ferry.
Bottom line is that American Eagle, thanks to the Lt. Governor, is making a profit from us Virgin Islanders in two ways…. higher fares, and tax dollars subsidizing. Instead of supporting AMR, the largest airline in the United States (AMR is the parent company of American and American Eagle), why doesn't he spend more time attempting to attract
other airlines to St. Croix. We need cheaper and more direct flights to the continental United States, we don't need to subsidize the biggest and richest airline in the country. Instead of subsidizing American Eagle, how about subsidizing a hotel close to the airport to attract business travelers, or better yet, teachers salaries and school repairs, or even pay raises for the Police, Fire and EMS? Or will the Lt. Governor make another secret deal promising to give pay raises and repair schools???? And some still argue that the Delegate to Congress should not have proposed a bill in Congress asking for a Chief Financial Officer!!!
Edwin Torres
St. Croix


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