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Education Provides Funds Toward Certification


April 6, 2005 – The V.I. Department of Education is offering tuition assistance for teachers interested in fulfilling their requirements for teacher certification during the 2005 summer semester.
According to a release from Education, teachers are being offered 75 percent of tuition costs and fees for one course at the University of the Virgin Islands, or up to $363 and $700.50 respectively for an online undergraduate or graduate course at an accredited online university. All courses must be taken during the 2005 summer semester.
"Of the 60 courses being offered in each district, the Department will allow for 20 of them to be a three-credit graduate level course," said Human Resource Director, Alscess Lewis-Brown via release. "To qualify, the individual teacher should need no more than two courses to meet the Virgin Islands Board of Education's certification requirements and have no outstanding obligations with the Department," Brown added.
By way of further explanation, Brown stated in the release that, "The Department will also offer 49 paraprofessionals and 75 other non-teaching staff in each district the opportunity to enroll in a three-credit course. All of the paraprofessional offerings will be at the undergraduate level, while 20 of the 75 courses being offered to other non-teaching staff will be on the graduate level. Individuals may choose to enroll at UVI or accredited online universities. However, no more than $438.00 and no more than $888.00 will be awarded for undergraduate and graduate courses, respectively. Paraprofessionals must enroll in education courses or other courses toward obtaining an education degree while other non-teaching staff must enroll in a course related to duties they perform at the department."
Participating teachers are reminded that course textbooks are the responsibility of the individual teacher and reimbursement to the Department will be required in the event they fail a course.


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