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Thank You Goes to Supporters of Animal Bill


Dear Source:
I would like to thank each and every Senator for your hard work in passing " The Animal Cruelty bill ". Without your valuable input this bill could not become law. I would like to especially thank Senator Donastorg for all of his efforts and the Humane Society, with the leadership of Joe Elmore, over the years for their support.
Now the proof is in the pudding, enforcement by the executive branch must be closely followed. I do not want to see these laws pass by the way side, like our littering laws, in terms of enforcement. I repeat, there is a connection on how we respect our fellow citizen and how we treat our animals.Let us respect both humans and creatures today and always.
I hope that when the Humane Society asks for your help in the abolishment of cock fighting, you will offer your support and help, with this as well.
Thank you,
Jason Budsan


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