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Bravo Mr. Anduze!


I commend Mr. Anduz for doing the right thing. I hope he follows through and disconnects the power to every government agency that doesn’t pay their WAPA bill. The government of the VI has been grossly delinquent for way too long. He is right, if the average virgin islander doesn’t pay on time, their power is disconnected without hesitation or consideration. The last rate hike was due to the government not paying their bills and the people of the Virgin Islands are now paying. I was born and raised on St. Croix, I love my island. However, I had no choice but to move to the mainland due to the incompetence and corruption of the Virgin Islands Government and Legislature. Their lack of management skills and blatant stupidity is causing tremendous hardship on the people of the Virgin Islands, who are grossly underpaid while they live their lavish life styles. We need more people like Mr. Anduz who will stand up and make the tough decisions to protect the consumers.
Angelita Suarez
Tampa, FL


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