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News Brief: Jeopardy Fans Shouldn't Despair


May 24, 2005 – Fans of Jeopardy, don't despair. TV 2 says that everybody will be able to see Ken Jennings in the ultimate Jeopardy championship, which had been scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Monday. It's a matter of when.
Viewers Monday night tuned to the channel, only to find a Caribbean tourism production.
Josephine Lindquist, TV 2 producer, said Tuesday morning that the problem is the station's satellite feed for the show was changed. "I have been on the phone since Monday trying to find out what the problem is," she said. "Kingworld Domestic Distribution, which handles Jeopardy, promised they will FedEx the tapes to us. They should be here tomorrow, and we will show them in order."
Lindquist said she has been flooded with dismayed viewers' phone calls. Monday night's show is the one Jeopardy fans have been awaiting for months. Lindquist said it is her hope that the distribution company will continue to FedEx Express the tapes until the satellite problem is resolved.
Lindquist said she may be contacted at 774-2200, ext. 233.

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