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Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands Announces $32,145 in Mini-grants


June 15, 2005 – The Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands announces the award of $32,145 to 42 local community organizations and individuals in the 2005 CFVI Min-grants Program. These grants, ranging from $1,000 to $250, are provided for innovative programs that seek to improve the lives of children and families in the U.S.V.I.
Now in its 9th year, the mini-grant program at CFVI has provided almost $250,000 in grants to 423 community organizations and individuals. CFVI believes that the mini-grants program is an example of how long term commitment plus small grants eguals a big impact in our community.
CFVI Mini-grants are in keeping with the Foundation's mission to enhance the educational, physical, social, cultural, and environmental well-being of children, youth and families in the Virgin Islands. Mini-grants support a wide range of service organizations and individuals working to provide positive alternatives for children and families and help meet social challenges, including child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, drug abuse and illiteracy.
The 2005 recipients of mini-grants include: on St. Croix, Calypso Inc. for the purchase of savings bonds for Junior Calypso prizes, and Students of Theater Arts and Repertoire for materials for set-building, props and costumes; on St. Thomas, Adventist Youth Drum Corps for the purchase of snare drums and the Humane Society of St. Thomas to purchase "Let's be Kind to Animals!" curriculum for pre-schoolers; and on St. John, to the Friends of the Elaine I. Sprauve Library for the purchase of books, reading logs and prizes for a summer reading program and to Love City Leapers for uniforms. Generous donations from CFVI Angel donors and The Prosser ICC Foundation provide funding for this annual program. As a result of the efforts of many caring community members, the youth and families of the Virgin Islands benefit immeasurably.
The Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands was established in 1990. The Foundation has more than 70 funds created by individuals and businesses to support educational, environmental, social and cultural initiatives in V.I. CFVI also distributes scholarships to area students and publishes Kids Count, a major study of children in the territory.
For additional information about CFVI phone #774-6031, or write P.O. Box 11790, St. Thomas, U.S.V.I., 00801.
More detailed descriptions of 2005 Mini-grants follow
Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands Mini-grants for the Year 2005
1) Adventist Youth Drum Corps, St. Thomas, $1,000 to purchase nine new snare drums. For more information: Jose Camacho, phone # 776-0832
2) Alton Augustus Adams Music Research Institute, St. Thomas, $1,000 to pay for venue rental, site security, maintenance fees, resource materials, such as books and A/V, instructor and guest lecture fees, and design/production of lesson plans. For more information: Rosita M. Sands, phone # 715-5680
3) Bertha C. Boschulte Sister-Girl Friend Club, St. Thomas, $1,000 to purchase club shirts, pay for refreshments and transportation. For more information: Sharon Helm, phone # 775-4222
4) Calypso Inc., Kingshill, $1,000 to purchase savings bonds for awards for Junior Calypso Competition 2005. For more information: Camille "King Derby" Macedon, phone # 778-0593
5) Cheetah's Tracks, St. Thomas, $1,000 to purchase certificates, awards, trophies, refreshments, athletes' team tents, equipment and supplies such as starting blocks, running shoes and transportation for teams. For more information: Dale Joseph, phone # 777-3959
6) Family Resource Center Inc., St. Thomas, $1,000 to support the recruitment, training and placement of more than 30 volunteers throughout the program. To purchase emergency care bags for victims, to print brochures, posters and outreach materials. For more information: Sandra H. Benjamin, phone # 776-3966
7) Junior Firefighters Corps, St. Thomas, $1,000 to purchase dress uniforms used for parades, ceremonies, funerals and other formal community events. For more information: Daryl A. George, phone # 774-5607
8) Humane Society of St. Thomas, $1,000 to purchase "Let's be Kind to Animals!" activity kit for preschoolers and distribute to preschool teachers. For more information: Joe Elmore, phone # 473-7633
9) Ivanna Eudora Kean High School, Parent-Teacher-Student Association, St. Thomas, $1,000 to purchase t-shirts, identification numbers and trophies for participants. For more information: Gayle A.K. Deller, phone # 775-6380
10) Marine Kids Korps Inc., St. Thomas, $1,000 to purchase student aquatics marine textbooks, certification cards and 15 snorkel sets. For more information: Michele Downes, phone # 776-5179
11) Memorial Moravian Summer Camp, St. Thomas, $1,000 to purchase arts and crafts supplies and to fund field trips to historic sites in downtown Charlotte Amalie and on St. John. For more information: Lola Richards, phone # 776-0066
12) St. John Rescue, St. John, $1,000 to purchase three hand held radios. For more information: Bob Malacarne, phone # 776-6266
13) S.T.A.R. (Students of Theater Arts and Repertoire), Christiansted, $1,000 to purchase materials for set building, props,and costumes. To help pay for lunch program, office supplies, scripts, scores, film and copying expenses. For more information: Janet Wood-Hart, phone # 778-7243
14) Virgin Islands Institute for Teaching and Learning, St. Thomas, $1,000 to purchase book sets and activity guides for up to 10 days. For more information: Karen Gutloff, phone # 777-7030
15) We Grow Foods Inc., St. Thomas, $1,000 to purchase plant pots, fertilizer, hand tools, plywoood, name tags for plants, soil, seeds, hand gloves, shovels, hoe picks, mesh, computer paper, laminating sheets, sand and farm tours. For more information: Benita Martin-Samuels, phone # 344-9118/774-4204
16) Women's Coalition of St. Croix (Children's Center), Christiansted, $1,000 to pay for transportation of children to after school program. For more information: Mary C. Mingus, phone # 773-9272
17) Virgin Islands Police Dept., Crime Prevention Bureau/Police Athletic League Summer Program, Frederiksted, $995 to purchase blade chucks, caliper set, clocks, photo frames, frame cutters, sander, varnish, stain and mahogany. For more information: Sheila Middleton, phone # 643-4008
18) Teenagers Bible Club Inc., St. Thomas, $960 to purchase a mobile reading library, reading software, educational board games and children's periodicals. For more information: Zeathea E. Armstrong, phone # 774-0884/774-6640
19) Creative Adventure Summer Art Program, St. Croix, $900 to provide 3 scholarships for students from low-income homes to participate in summer art program. For more information: Danica David, phone # 719-6000
20) Catholic Charities of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, $850 to purchase t-shirts, arts and crafts materials, and other program expenses. For more information: Michael Akin, phone # 774-8518
21) Friends of the St. Thomas Public Libraries, St. Thomas, $800 to purchase puzzles, games, special books, arts and crafts materials and snacks and thematic kits. For more information: Patricia Harkins-Pierre, phone # 774-6524
22) Virgin Islands Association for Independent Living, St. Thomas, $800 to purchase assistive technology such as a software program(reading, dictionary and thesaurus) for persons who are blind, an Eclipse Reader to listen to audio books and software, which magnifies a screen for persons with low vision. For more information: Felecia A. Brownlow, phone # 777-4978
23) Presidential Scholars Quiz Bowl Team, St. Thomas, $790 to pay for two students' registrations, lodging and study materials to compete stateside. For more information: Cecilia M. Walters-Smith, phone # 774-4622
24) Northside Civic Organization, St. Thomas, $750 to purchase art supplies, books, snacks and juices and to help with administrative costs. For more information: Regina Helene Mea, phone # 998-1916
25) University of the Virgin Islands, Family Life Cen
ter, St. Thomas, $750 to purchase t-shirts, arts and crafts, weaving supplies and costumes for quadrille dancing. For more information: Carmen Rogers-Green, phone # 693-1122
26) V.I. Alliance for the Mentally Ill, St. Thomas, $750 to pay for "Clear Blue Sky," a program to provide activities such as visits to Coral World, Paradise Point, tours of St. Thomas and St. John, beach picnics, lunches, snacks and transportation. For more information: Sonia Aubrey, phone # 775-6984
27) AZ Academy, Christiansted, $650 to purchase a solar oven, cooking and baking utensils, baking ingredients, cookie sheets and pans. For more information: Lisa Vaughn, phone # 773-7909
28) Project H.O.P.E., St. Thomas, $600 to purchase software for the computer lab, and supplementary materials in literacy and reading K-7. For more information: Merle E. Charles, phone # 775-1022
29) Marine Kids Korps, Inc., St. Thomas, $540 to pay for lunch and snacks for participants. For more information: Michele Downes, phone # 776-5179
30) Carabana Ensemble Theater Company Inc., St. John, $500 to purchase 30 recorders and support the music program. For more information: Clarence R. Cuthbertson, phone # 693-9150
31) Parenting Classes for Young People, St. Thomas, $500 to provide refreshments and to purchase supplies and tools such as paper, folders, small prizes, toys and tools for demonstration purposes. For more information: Etta Lorraine Rahming, phone # 774-0930 ext. 4243
32) Friends of the Elaine I. Sprauve Library, St. John, $500 to purchase books, prizes, canvas book bags, reading logs and supplies for a party. For more information: Carol McGuinness, phone # 776-6901
33) Love City Leapers, St. John, $500 to purchase uniforms for tournaments and public performances. For more information: Patrice Harley, phone # 776-6643
34) Memorial Moravian Church Soup Kitchen, St. Thomas, $500 to purchase containers and bags for serving meals to sick and shut-in families. For more information: Erna Williams, phone # 776-0066
35) Music in Motion, Kingshill, $500 to purchase costumes, supplies, to pay for choreography, and for advertising and promotion. For more information: Charlita Schuster, phone # 772-5440
36) Randolph O. Lockhart Christian School, Christiansted, $500 to purchase play equipment such as climb and slide activity house, play center, dome climber, footballs, basketballs and soccer balls. For more information: Gloria Lockhart, phone # 719-2000
37) RasTafari Improvement Association, Inc., St. Thomas, $500 to purchase arts and crafts supplies, sports supplies, sewing supplies, storage bins, baking ingredients and disinfectant products. For more information: Jermaine Pemberton, phone # 774-4204
38) St. Andrew's Seek and Serve Outreach, Inc., St. Thomas, $500 to purchase two sewing machines, materials for arts and crafts, a six piece place setting and material. For more information: Erma Skelton, phone # 998-8902
39) The Garden School Inc., Christiansted, $500 to pay for transportation to and from St. Croix and St. Thomas and to purchase packaging materials and shippings fees. For more information: Carolyn T. Hawkins, phone # 719-0073
40) Future Business Leaders of Amercia, Chapter 5998, St. Thomas, $460 to pay for enrollment of four new student leaders to participate in 2005 Institute for Leaders. For more information: Cecilia M. Walters-Smith, phone # 774-4622
41) Seasonal Story Hour for Children, Christiansted, $300 to purchase books to give to participants. For more information: Angela East Weber, phone # 513-0565
42) Virgin Islands Advocacy Inc., Frederiksted, $250 to purchase art supplies, vases, pots and scrapbooks. For more information: Amelia Headley LaMont, phone # 772-1200


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