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Central High Alumnus Challenges the Reassignment of Moorehead


Dear Source,

I am a proud graduate of the St. Croix Central High School Class of 1985. Twenty years ago the issue of accreditation and the impact on graduating students was very real. It is eerily déjà vu to hear the same impassioned arguments and witness the dedicated efforts of the people who are determined to acquire the benefits and status of accreditation for their school and for the children.

I have closely followed Central High's determined push towards accreditation. Under the leadership of Mr. Kent Moorehead, the school has turned around – despite an aging facility, budget shortages and what appears to be an administration indifferent to the territory's educational needs.

The "reassignment" of Mr. Moorehead is a blatant mistake that needs to be fixed. The Department of Education has failed to articulate one valid reason for moving Mr. Moorehead to another school. The Department has also failed to convey the urgency of moving him at this critical point in the accreditation process. Does the Department of Education have a point, or even a plan?

I don't doubt Mr. Molloy's abilities as a school principal or as a leader. Now is just not the time to introduce a new principal into the sensitive dynamics of the accreditation process. What is the rationale for fixing something that isn't broken?

I am amazed that the Department of Education's ineptitude and poor management still manages to surprise me. I guess I can attribute the administration's failings to a lack of vision – or maybe it's just the blind eye of politics.

I urge Governor Turnbull and Commissioner Michael to reconsider and rescind their decision. Give Mr. Moorehead a chance to finish what he and his committed team of staff, teachers, parents and students have started. Give him a chance to succeed.
Shawna K. Richards
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